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Jesse Jackson, Sr. to go after Silicon Valley: Shakedown Rainbows never end

Jesse Jackson tech companies

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition shakedown rainbow never ends, but everyone knows that there is the equivalent to many pots of gold in the bank account of Jesse Jackson, Sr. Regardless, it now it turns out he’s going after the tech industry.

USA Today reported Monday:

Desair Brown:Civil rights activists are turning up the heat on Silicon Valley, calling on major internet firms to release their…

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Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer takes CNN, Erin Burnett to task on Hamas ignorance

Ron Dermer CNN

In a sane world, a terrorist organization that hides rockets in schools, hospitals, civilian homes and religious buildings would be condemned for its actions. In a sane world, moral outrage would swiftly flow in the direction of individuals who use innocent bystanders as shields. Unfortunately, there are a lot of confused people out there, which is why cable news viewers must suffer through…

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Every kid, ever.

Makes sense to me.

New York Times to Walgreens: You’re unpatriotic if you don’t love high tax rates

New York Times to @Walgreens: You’re unpatriotic if you don’t love high taxes #business

A recent New York Times article by Andrew Sorkin was unintentionally hilarious from start to finish. He’s upset that a number of companies, such as Walgreen, AbbiVie, Medtronic and many others are all well on their way to moving overseas. I’d look for the Andrew Sorkin piece calling billionaire John Kerry “unpatriotic” for docking his luxury yachtout of state to avoid paying Massachusetts taxes,…

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Falcon can soar as Captain America, but Tom Brevoort crashes and burns as a Marvel representative

Falcon can soar as Captain America, but Tom Brevoort crashes and burns as a Marvel representative #comics

Sam Wilson Captain America

Marvel has taken a lot of heat in recent days for its shameless She-Thorpublicity stunt, but the announcement that Sam Wilson will be the new Captain America does not deserve similar scorn. While its press release on the decision to give Falcon a chance to shine in a new role successfully articulates Rick Remender’s thought processes, it also includes further evidence of Tom Brevoort’s…

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