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Neil Gaiman is right: ‘People talk about books that write themselves, and it’s a lie’

My wife is reading Neil Gaiman’s “Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions.” As she was doing so this past weekend she read the following out loud, knowing that it would make me smile:

“People talk about books that write themselves, and it’s a lie. Books don’t write themselves. It takes thought and research and backache and notes and more time and more work than you’d believe.”

In some…

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Whilst I don’t agree with everything said here, many of the points made in this post are all too true.

Thanks for taking the time to read and share. I appreciate it. Feel free to also comment on the blog at any time. I’m always looking for feedback.

Poem: ‘To my wife’

HopperTo my wife

I see the unseen, unchanging
Invisible you
Shining eternal.
Such celestial gifts impart a heavy price —
I’m perpetually reminded that one day
I will steal my last kiss while you sleep,
I will fold your nightgown one last time,
And I will whisper one final ‘I love you’
Before the veil is lifted.

I will carry you to bed
And I will wash your feet
When the seasons have humbled your bones,

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Obama now linked to ‘Operation Inherent Resolve’ — or was that ‘Inherently Flawed’?

The Obama administration has, at long last, a name for U.S. airstrikes against the Islamic State group: Operation Inherent Resolve. It needed to come kicking and screaming to the table, but the name now stands.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday:

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s less punchy than previous nicknames for U.S. conflicts in the Middle East — remember Operation Desert Storm and its…

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Robert Downey Jr. ready for ‘Captain America 3’: Marvel’s Iron Man better read ‘Civil War’ script closely

Chris Evans Robert Downey Jr Iron ManMarvel’s Iron Man is suiting up for Captain America 3, which is great news, but someone better tell Robert Downey Jr. to read the script very closely. If he’s not careful, then there’s a good chance Marvel will use the big screen adaptation of “Civil War” to make a fool out of his character, just like it did in the comics.

Comingsoon.net reported Oct. 13:

Marking a major twist to the Marvel…

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Americans need to read more Saint Augustine and listen to less Mike Huckabee

Saint_Augustine Philippe de ChampaigneFormer Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is once again threatening to leave the Republican Party if its leadership refuse to be outspoken critics of gay marriage. He made similar threats in March of 2013, which indicates he’s all bark and no bite. Regardless, every time I hear someone like Mr. Huckabee imply that the cultural decline of America begins and ends with a half-hearted rhetorical war with…

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Paul Feig should have listened to his own advice on all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ and walked away

GhostbustersThe world is getting an all-female Ghostbusters film, that apparently doesn’t even take place in the same universe as the original movies. Why is it still called Ghostbusters then? Good question. Paul Feig of Bridesmaids and The Heat fame is taking on the project, but at the end of the day he would have been wise to take Paul Feig’s advice…

Entertainment Weekly reported Oct. 8:


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Gen. Dempsey looks like tired and dejected man as he talks about no-name fight against Islamic State

Martin Dempsey ABC screenshotIf you’re wondering why U.S. military personnel heading to West Africa to help stem the tide of Ebola are taking part in Operation United Assistance, and the troops headed to the Middle East to fight the Islamic State group are still taking part in a no-name operation, just listen watch ABC News’ recent interview with Gen. Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Listen to his…

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Ben Affleck is Batman, but he can’t even confront Bill Maher on Islam without almost crying

Ben Affleck angry nostril sniffWhen it was announced the Ben Affleck would be the Dark Knight in 2015’s ‘Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice,’I said that if director Zack Snyder were smart, then he would tell his new hire to stick to movie-talk. I said Mr. Affleck lives in a Hollywood bubble, where everyone thinks along the same lines and tells each other how smart they are at cocktail parties, and that he generally has a…

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Dunkin’ Donuts employee’s death shamelessly used to push minimum wage debate

Dunkin APWhat kind of person would use the accidental death of a young woman as a vehicle from which to advocate for higher minimum wages? If you guessed the kind of individuals who work at The New York Times and Business Insider, give yourself a cookie — or possibly a doughnut.

Maria Fernandes worked at three different Dunkin’ Donuts in New Jersey, but she died Aug. 25 while napping in her SUV before one…

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